AdaSwap (ASW) – The Upcoming Multi-purpose DEX for the Cardano Blockchain

AdaSwap (ASW) – The Upcoming Multi-purpose DEX for the Cardano Blockchain

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ADASwap Review


AdaSwap, co-founded by Lennon Qualmann and Itay Levy, plans to be the first Decentralized exchange built on the Cardano platform, which is a blockchain that focuses on scalability, environmental sustainability, security and transparency.


ADASwap 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is AdaSwap
  2. ✔️Features of AdaSwap
  3. ✔️AdaSwap Tokenomics
  4. What to expect
  5. What we look forward to


What is AdaSwap

adaswap overview


👉 Cardano is Ethereum’s greatest rival and may very well become the leading smart contracts network in the foreseeable future.


👉 The vision for AdaSwap is to build a thriving Cardano ecosystem by offering a decentralized exchange that supports the staking, farming and swapping of Cardano-based tokens and stablecoins, as well as an NFT marketplace and high-yield staking pools.


👉 AdaSwap will also serve as a launchpad platform for new tokens and projects, and will combine the freedom of a trustless decentralized exchange with the sustainability and liquidity of a gasless Automated Market Maker (AMM) system, using its proprietary Free Finance Model.


Features of AdaSwap

adaswap features


👉 The AdaSwap Decentralized Exchange will use an AMM model and will support token swaps, staking and yield farming in Stake and Forget (S&F) liquidity pools.


👉 AdaSwap will also be used as a launchpad and detailed information, such as project metrics, tokenomics, project updates and developments will be provided.


👉 This platform is secured by Cardano’s smart contracts, with low fees and high scalability guaranteed.


👉 AdaSwap is essentially a non-custodial automated liquidity protocol that does not use order books and it will improvise on the AMM model used by Uniswap.


👉 The AdaSwap Free Finance Model aims to remove all transaction fees related to the ASW token, for instance if coins are added to a staking pool, there will be no participation fee (as is the case with many decentralized exchanges).


👉 This will be done to restructure the way wealth is generated and maintained by users over the long-term and to encourage short-term savings.


AdaSwap Tokenomics

adaswap tokenomics



👉 ASW is the native utility and DAO governance token of the AdaSwap platform.


👉 ASW will be used to reward stakers and ensure that long-term stakers do not have to pay swap fees, and will also give token holders access to an exclusive NFT marketplace and airdrops.


👉 AdaSwap encourages long-term staking and will reward tokenholders for doing so.


👉 The ASW token will power the AdaSwap platform and will also be the driving force behind the Free Finance Model.


What to expect

adaswap overview


👉 In 2021, AdaSwap focused on building its initial infrastructure and developing its user-interface and Lightpaper.


👉 Over the course of the year, AdaSwap also secured strategic partnerships and recruited a team of developers.


👉 Towards the end of 2021, AdaSwap began developing the ADANFT marketplace, finalised its stablecoin partnership, and initiliazed the private and seed round.


👉 In 2023, AdaSwap plans to release the ASW token to contributors and exchanges and officially implement the AdaSwap staking protocol. After that, the full AdaSwap ecosystem will be launched, along with bridges to other networks and blockchains.


👉 The ADANFT marketplace will be launched in the first quarter of 2023, followed by the ADALAUNCH platform towards the end of the year.


👉 NFTs will be rolled out in 2 stages. The first stage will be the creation and launch of the AdaSwap NFT collection that will be traded on the AdaSwap app exclusively.


👉 The second stage will be the launch of an open NFT marketplace which will allow the trading of NFTs on the Cardano network.


👉 If you are interested in launching your project on the AdaSwap launchpad, applications are currently being accepted – so make sure you apply before the official launch of ADALAUNCH this year!


What we look forward to

👉 There are a lot of exciting features in store for AdaSwap, with a unique reward system for ASW tokenholders and stakers.


👉 This will not only be a next-gen, decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain, but we believe that it will grow into a thriving ecosystem and community with many exclusive NFTs to collect and a promising launchpad platform that will help thousands of new projects successfully enter the DeFi space.