cdai (CDAI) – Using the Compound Protocol to Earn Interest on DAI tokens Review

cdai (CDAI) – Using the Compound Protocol to Earn Interest on DAI tokens Review

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Compound DAI Review


The Compound Protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it primarily establishes money markets by allowing digital token holders to pool their assets and earn interest on their contributions.


CDAI 6 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Compound
  2. ✔️Compound cTokens
  3. ✔️The cDAI token and DAI
  4. Where to buy cDai
  5. Top 3 cDai/DAI wallets
  6. What we like about Compound and cDai


What is Compound

cdai overview


👉 Based on the supply and demand of digital assets on the Compound network, interest rates are calculated algorithmically and there is no need for peer-to-peer interactions on the platform because users can borrow from the liquidity pools instead of borrowing directly from lenders.


👉 All money markets on the network are compatible with Ethereum-based assets, such as Ether or ERC20 tokens, and the public ledger displays a history of all transactions and interest rates.


Compound cTokens

Compound cTokens


👉 cTokens are native to the Compound ecosystem and they are obtained by depositing assets into liquidity pools and earning interest over time for doing so.


👉 What makes cTokens so attractive to lenders is the way each token is convertible into an increasing amount of its underlying asset, even while the number of cTokens in your wallet stays the same, so depositing your assets might be more profitable than trading them when the markets are volatile.


👉 To interact with the Compound ecosystem, users need cTokens, which are used for minting tokens, redeeming rewards, for borrowing and repaying, and for making transfers.


👉 The two types of cTokens that currently exist are cERC20 and cETH (cETHER) and you will accrue interest in the form of cTokens every time an Ethereum block is mined.


👉 It is important to note that whenever you withdraw cTokens, they will be swapped back to the underlying asset and the amount you receive will depend on the exchange rates at that specific moment in time.


The cDAI token and DAI

cdai tokens


👉 cDAI is the compound interest-generating token for DAI deposited into the Compound liquidity protocol, and it is a cToken with an underlying DAI asset.


👉 DAI is an ERC20 stablecoin created on the Maker Protocol and it is pegged to the US dollar to reduce volatility.


👉 It is also used on different Ethereum-based platforms for lending, borrowing, trading and for using Ethereum-compatible dApps and DeFi, play-to-earn games, and for NFTs.


👉 The most popular exchanges for buying DAI are Coinbase and Kraken.


Where to buy cDai

where to buy cdai


👉 We do not recommend buying cDai, as markets available for this asset are extremely limited.


👉 The safest and most profitable way to obtain this coin is by depositing your Ethereum-based assets into the Compound liquidity pools and earning interest on your contributions.


👉 If you would, however, prefer to buy cDai, then you can buy it from Uniswap V2.


Top 3 cDai/DAI wallets

cdai wallets


👉 cDai and DAI are Ethereum-based assets that can be stored using any wallet that is compatible with the Ethereum network.


👉 Trust Wallet is free to download and use, and supports a total of more than 160,000 coins and digital assets.


👉 This wallet can be used to buy, sell and trade your assets, and also allows you to manage your coins directly from the wallet.


👉 Trust Wallet has improved security measures and uses private access keys, biometrics and unique pin codes to protect your account.


👉 Exodus is a user-friendly desktop and mobile crypto wallet that allows users to store and trade more than 150 tokens and coins using the built-in exchange, and it also has a variety of dApps integrated and ready to be used directly from the app.


👉 The Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet that can store up to 100 applications and it is possible to manage all your assets directly from the device.


👉 This wallet supports more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies and it is one of the most trusted wallets, with all your private keys stored inside the hardware wallet’s chip.


What we like about Compound and cDai

👉 What we like most about Compound is its innovative approach to creating lucrative lending and borrowing opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and institutions.


👉 For instance, If you have invested in DAI tokens but the markets are too volatile to trade or you are too busy, you can deposit your assets in to the Compound liquidity pools and earn passive interest income in the form of cTokens, which may increase in value over time, regardless of the value of the underlying asset you deposit.