Hololoot – The First-Ever Augmented Reality NFT Generator

Hololoot – The First-Ever Augmented Reality NFT Generator

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Hololoot Review


Hololoot is the world’s first Augmented Reality Generator and NFT Marketplace that plans to empower digital content creators with revolutionary technology by combining creativity with a user-friendly, no-code ecosystem that will allow them to easily generate Augmented Reality NFTs.


Hololoot 4 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Hololoot
  2. ✔️Who created Hololoot
  3. ✔️Features of Hololoot
  4. Outro


What is Hololoot

hololoot overview


👉 Imagine having the possibility to display your unique collection of NFTs in your room, office or at school, using nothing more than your mobile phone and the Hololoot app!


👉 Instead of keeping your NFTs in a wallet or an online gallery, you will be able to create and store them in the Hololoot Cloud and conveniently display them anywhere you want using the app.


👉 Hololoot hopes to give gamers and content creators a greater sense of achievement for creating something truly unique or accomplishing in-game goals and obtaining legendary items, by allowing them to display their creations or items in real life.


Who created Hololoot

hololoot team


👉 Adam Barton is the CEO and co-founder of Hololoot and he is one of Poland’s Virtual and Augmented reality pioneers.


👉 His journey started with immersive technologies in 2016 and he was one of Poland’s first VR headset owners.


👉 He has participated in many Virtual and Augmented reality projects, successfully established multiple Virtual and Augmented reality laboratories in different universities, and oversaw the realization of commercial projects for Polish Airlines.


👉 Before Hololoot, the Core Team was engaged in running a software house and now they are collaborating with Filip Górski from the Poznan University of Technology.


Features of Hololoot

hololoot features


👉 The Hololoot app enables its users to generate AR NFTs from 3D models and scans using the Cloud service, engage and play with their NFTs in Augmented Reality using the app, and mint, publish, buy and sell NFTs in the Hololoot marketplace.


👉 Hololoot will be introducing four new types of AR NFTs: to the market. These include the Classical AR NFTs, Gaming AR NFTs, Physical Object AR NFTs, and Location-based AR NFTs.


👉 Users of the Hololoot ecosystem will benefit from the in-app reward system by gathering tokens in exchange for a variety of in-app missions, such as sharing a picture of a hologram on social media or minting an NFT.


👉 By using advanced technologies such as ARkit, AR Foundation, and glTF files, Hololoot offers users an engaging experience, unlike anything they’ve encountered before and plans to incorporate special AR glasses into the technology in the near future.


👉 Hololoot AR will be using a technology called Light Estimation and LIDAR to mimic the real world by generating 3D environments in real time from physical, real-world rooms.



👉 Hololoot will combine NFTs with Augmented Reality and Gaming, allowing users to easily generate, engage with, share, and trade NFTs using any desktop or mobile device.


👉 Using the rich library of digital materials in the Hololoot Cloud, users can generate AR NFTs, and preview and modify them in 3D.


👉 Once the NFT is finalized, it can be sold on the Hololoot marketplace using the app.


👉 Users will be able to manage digital assets within the self-service application without any coding required, simplifying the entire process and decreasing the time needed to make changes, which improves the overall user experience.


👉 By using NFTs to enhance the appearance of the real world, Hololoot not only gives users a fresh perspective on the world – but the world becomes a playground for digital creators and gamers.


👉 This innovative technology will exceed the limits of virtual reality technologies by allowing users to bring their digital assets and creations to life in the real world – any time and anywhere.