MonkeyLeague – The Upcoming Solana-based Play-to-Earn eSports Game

MonkeyLeague – The Upcoming Solana-based Play-to-Earn eSports Game

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Monkeyball Review


MonkeyLeague is a Solana-based, play-to-earn soccer game that is being developed on the Unity engine, where players can earn tokens by winning, hosting matches or watching games.


MonkeyLeague 6 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is MonkeyLeague
  2. ✔️Who created MonkeyLeague
  3. ✔️Features of MonkeyLeague
  4. MonkeyLeague NFTs
  5. The MonkeyLeague tokens
  6. Outro


What is MonkeyLeague

monkeyleague overview


👉 This cross-platform video game is being developed by a team of blockchain experts who have extensive experience in building layer-1 protocols, exchanges and DeFi apps.


👉 MonkeyLeague is collaborating with Rovio, the producers of Angry Birds, and the studios that created art for Call of Duty and Fall Guys.


👉 By combining an eSports metaverse with blockchain technology and experienced creatives, MonkeyLeague players can expect a high-production-value, multiplayer gaming experience with a unique collection of NFTs.


Who created MonkeyLeague

monkeyleague team


👉 MonkeyLeague is being Incubated by Shahaf Bar-Geffen, the CEO of COTI; and Raz Friedman, who is Playtika’s Chief Product Officer.


👉 In a short amount of time, MonkeyLeague was able to secure a team of reputable backers, including Solana Capital, CMS Holdings, Morningstar Ventures, Jump Capital and Longhash.


👉 With the help of angel investments from multiple founders at eToro, DraftKings, Simplex, Dafabet and Perpetual Protocol, MonkeyLeague is well on its way to developing the next sensational play-to-earn metaverse game.


Features of MonkeyLeague

monkeyleague features


👉 MonkeyLeague will have three game modes, where players can play against the environment or against each other, and teams will also be able to compete against one another.


👉 Multiplayer games will be played in stadiums and watched by spectators.


👉 The owners of a stadium will be rewarded for each game they host, while spectators will be cheering on their teams and players will be competing against one another.


👉 All 3 categories of participants are rewarded.


👉 In MonkeyLeague, there are 3 types of in-game Assets and NFTs.


👉 These include Monkeys (which are the players), Stadiums (which is the landscape or environment players play on), and Spectators (which are not NFTs).


MonkeyLeague NFTs

monkeyleague nfts


👉 Monkeys are functional NFTs with distinctive traits and each monkey has a different appearance with unique DNA and trainable abilities in strength, accuracy and control.


👉 Monkeys can be customized with in-game assets to enhance their skills and to personalize their appearances.


👉 The assets that can be bought in-game are boots, uniforms and other accessories.


The MonkeyLeague tokens

monkeyleague tokens


👉 MonkeyBall will use two distinct tokens that will have different functions.


👉 The MonkeyBucks token will be the in-game currency that will be used to breed new monkeys and buy assets from the NFT store, and the SCORE token will be the governance token.


👉 MonkeyBucks can be earned by winning matches and will be used to power the MonkeyLeague economy.


👉 This coin can also be obtained from decentralized exchanges, opening loot boxes, completing missions, and watching or hosting games.


👉 The MonkeyLeague platform will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and SCORE tokens will be required to participate in voting and governance activities.


👉 The SCORE token will not be sold but farmed by early holders of the $MBS token.


👉 SCORE-holders will have early access to NFT drops and land (stadium) sales.



👉 MonkeyLeague is based on the Solana blockchain and it will be a turn-based soccer game with unique monkey collectables and in-game assets that can be purchased from the NFT marketplace.


👉 Players can participate in the MonkeyLeague ecosystem actively by competing against other players and teams, or passively by hosting games or spectating – and all levels of participation have the potential to earn players MonkeyBucks, ensuring that everyone feels included.


👉 If you are the holder of an original Monkey or SCORE tokens, you will have special perks and access to airdrops of game tokens, a pre-game training camp, an early breeding season, and early access to the stadium (land) sale.