Prasaga – The Upcoming Datagrid Blockchain

Prasaga – The Upcoming Datagrid Blockchain

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Prasaga Review


Prasaga is focused on creating the first DataGrid Blockchain (DGB), which is a fully decentralized blockchain that aims to eliminate issues with scalability, security, and decentralization.


Prasaga 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Prasaga
  2. ✔️Who created Prasaga
  3. ✔️The features of Prasaga
  4. The DataGrid Token (DGT)
  5. Conclusion


What is Prasaga

prasaga overview


👉 By solving some of the most common challenges faced by blockchains, Prasaga hopes to encourage more people to join the crypto world and to inspire more developers to participate in Dapp development.


👉 The Prasaga Datagrid Blockchain hopes that improving blockchain technology at the core will extend its reach to global markets to accelerate enterpise adoption.


Who created Prasaga

prasaga team


👉 Prasaga was created by a team of 3 executive officers who are passionate about blockchain and business.


👉 Michael Holdmann, the CEO of Prasaga, is a leader in IoT (Internet of Things) and has extensive experience in telecoms, software development and networking.


👉 He firmly believes that the decentralization of networks will solve issues faced by society.


👉 David Beberman is the Chief Technology Officer of Prasaga and he is an expert software engineer and hardware designer.


👉 He is the creator of Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation, and has found innovative ways to solve network collision issues.


👉 Jay Moore is the Chief Marketing Officer of Prasaga and he is an entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in game engine development.


The features of Prasaga

prasaga features


👉 Prasaga plans to transform the way digital assets and smart contracts are programmed, stored, and certified.


👉 The main focus is on improving the performance of networks that are resource-heavy by reaching the fastest speed possible on the internet.


👉 By using the eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM), Prasaga will be highly scalable with the ability to store accounts and move accounts across shards.


👉 This will be done to ensure that the throughput and maximum transaction rate allowed by the bandwidth of the internet is increased as more nodes are added.


👉 Prasaga code is universal and user-friendly, making it reusable for all developers who will be allowed to program in any language.


👉 This makes the development of applications much faster and easier to maintain.


👉 DataGrid Blockchain guarantees the highest resistance to attack because it is designed with an efficient hybrid Distributed PoW/PoS consensus model.


👉 The Prasaga coin will not be pegged to any fiat currencies, which makes it more stable than most coins, based on the internal monetary policy used.


The DataGrid Token (DGT)

prasaga dgt token


👉 The DGT is Prasaga’s native DataGrid Blockchain token.


👉 It will leverage the Ethereum blockchain’s current mining method.


👉 DGT miners are rewarded with newly released coins as a token.


👉 The DGT is different from a smart contract token since it operates in its blockchain and not in a smart contract.


👉 It introduces policies that will foster stability of the token, but its policies will be unique from algorithmic minting and tethering.



👉 Prasaga aims to transform blockchain technology by enhancing the capabilities of network transparency and improving decentralization and security.


👉 Prasaga is collaborating with world-class innovators, developers, and enterprise owners – along with securing partnerships with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Digital Twin Consortium.


👉 The goal of changing the way blockchains function is for transparent governance, efficent markets and access to a network that runs at the real speed of business while being protected against cyber attacks.


👉 Prasaga introduces the first global operating system, enabling smart assets and unprecedented scaling solutions.


👉 The DataGrid Blockchain ledger that puts the coding, execution and settlement of all asset transactions directly onto the blockchain envisions a fresh approach to Smart Contracts that provides increased speed of development, higher network quality, and development infrastructure that can face any challenge.