ScottyBeam – The 100x NFT Token teleport and Cross-Chain Bridge

ScottyBeam – The 100x NFT Token teleport and Cross-Chain Bridge

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ScottyBeam Review


ScottyBeam is a platform that offers a secure way to migrate tokens from one blockchain to another using Binance Smart Chain and the Binance Bridge Project and is currently compatible with Ethereum and Binance wallets.


ScottyBeam 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️About ScottyBeam
  2. ✔️The ScottyBeam Team
  3. ✔️How does ScottyBeam work?
  4. Features of ScottyBeam
  5. What makes ScottyBeam unique?


About ScottyBeam

scottybeam overview


👉 It is an advanced and innovative token teleporter that bridges the gap between blockchains with NFT marketplaces, allowing participants to trade, auction, and exchange assets.


👉 The main focus of ScottyBeam is to provide interoperability tools for individuals and businesses and to connect cross-chain NFT marketplaces in a secure, simple manner.


👉 ScottyBeam will serve as a bridge between NFT blockchains and will act as an NFT validator that facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges.


👉 Tokens will be teleported across multiple chains, but a link to the original token destination will always be stored and its value will always be provided.


👉 Using ScottyBeam, NFTs can be teleported between Etheruem and Binance BSC wallets, which are two of the most popular and secure blockchain wallets available at present.


👉 ScottyBeam plans to add Flow, Solana and Polkadot blockchains to its list of supported platforms and will allow users to connect their wallets so that they can view and access their NFT collections from all supported blockchain networks.


👉 Ethereum will be used to pay for transaction (teleportation) fees, which are remarkably low, to teleport NFTs from one exchange to another.


👉 ScottyBeam plans to make a unique contribution to the blockchain community by offering cross-chain compatibility to the masses.


👉 Exciting opportunities will be created in the Metaverse, redefining standards for the entire NFT industry.


The ScottyBeam Team

about scottybeam


👉 Co-founders, Denis Smalianyi and Alex Burakhin, both of whom are blockchain experts, are the masterminds behind the ScottyBeam platform.


👉 Denis Smalianyi is an entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast with 6 years of experience in crypto and blockchain analysis.


👉 Alex Burakhin is an expert software architect who specializes in blockchain security and decentralized technologies.


👉 ScottyBeam is also backed by a team of more than 10 technical professionals and engineers who are responsible for software development, cybersecurity, design, communications and customer support.


👉 Together with this team, the co-founders of ScottyBeam have spent the last 4 years developing projects for crypto wallets, airdrop platforms, crowdfunding services and customizable blockchains.


How does ScottyBeam work?

scottybeam teleport


➡️️​ NFTs will be moved between Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks.

➡️️​ ScottyBeam will also be used to verify all information about unique NFTs, using its built-in NFT Validator feature.

➡️️​ Participants can use ScottyBeam to confirm NFT origin and value, see transaction history, and create certificates of authenticity.

➡️️​ NFTs can be created and registered automatically on supported NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, and many others.


Features of ScottyBeam

scottybeam features


➡️️​ ScottyBeam opts for compatibility with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Polkadot, and Flow.

➡️️​ The platform can be used to verify token origin and price, view trading history, and to prove user ownership.

➡️️​ It can also be used to exchange NFT tokens with friends, ScottyBeam community members and cross-chain NFT marketplace participants.

➡️️​ Users will have access to a cross-chain NFT gallery

➡️️​ They will also be able to share their collections and estimate the value of their NFTs

➡️️​ ScottyBeam will give users an opportunity to exchange NFTs in peer-to-peer trading environments

➡️️​ For the first time, users will be able to teleport NFTs across all chains

➡️️​ ScottyBeam will allow users to access all NFT marketplaces from one user-friendly platform

➡️️​ Users will be able to issue tokens or collections on many NFT-compatible chains

➡️️​ They will also have the opportunity to promote and market NFTs on any marketplace

➡️️​ ScottyBeam will enable cross-chain auctions and sales of NFTs

➡️️​ It will also facilitate direct NFT swaps between users


What makes ScottyBeam unique?

👉 ScottyBeam is focused on creating one platform to trade, manage and transfer NFTs, and to provide innovative tools for interoperability and plans on introducing an NFT validation process to the industry.


👉 It is an unprecedented cross-chain NFT platform that supports peer-to-peer exchanges and token validators that are embedded with royalty fees.


👉 ScottyBeam will integrate with NFT marketplaces across all blockchains, allowing users to participate in cross-chain auctions and swaps, and to own cross-chain oracles that can be traded and managed in a fun and simple way.