SolanaPrime – Upcoming DAO IDO LaunchPad for GameFi, DeFi and NFTs

SolanaPrime – Upcoming DAO IDO LaunchPad for GameFi, DeFi and NFTs

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Solana Prime Review


SolanaPrime is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform that is built on the Solana blockchain. It is designed to empower and accelerate the next generation of early-stage DeFi, GameFi and NFT projects built on Solana.


SolanaPrime 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is SolanaPrime
  2. ✔️Features of SolanaPrime
  3. ✔️SolanaPrime Tokenomics
  4. SolanaPrime Investors
  5. What we like about SolanaPrime


What is SolanaPrime

solanaPrime overview


👉 The vision of SolanaPrime is to establish a new class of launchpads that does not fall into any niche categories or investor networks.


👉 It is interoperable with many chains and is not vulnerable to the volatility of the underlying assets used by other launchpad platforms.


👉 This venture-funding launchpad will serve as a vehicle that will drive upcoming Web3 and Metaverse projects to success on a global scale.


👉 It will eliminate the challenges that project developers are currently facing with regards to funding, scalability and platform limitations.


👉 SolanaPrime will use a DAO governance mechanism and is designed to give everyone an opportunity to access start-up funding rounds directly from their mobile phones, regardless of how wealthy they are.


👉 The goal is to remove the entry barriers for all types of investors to make it easier for project developers to get the crowd-sourced funding they need for their projects to launch successfully.


Features of SolanaPrime

solanaPrime Features


👉 The SolanaPrime launchpad will be a first-of-its-kind IDO platform on Solana, for Solana.


👉 By using the Solana blockchain, SolanaPrime users will benefit from its high scalability (being able to process over 1,000 TPS) and ultra-low transactions fees (at only $0.00025 per transaction on average).


👉 In addition to offering a platform with scalable tokenomics, this launchpad guarantees investor protection by introducing a unique insurance funding mechanism that is powered by Insurance Pools that are created prior to IDO token distributions.


👉 Some of the key features that set SolanaPrime apart from all other launchpads are secondary markets for pre-money vested allocations, indices and other derivatives, as well as NFT-based allocations and insurance products.


👉 SolanaPrime will use an innovative tier structure, specifically NFT Tier allocations, that will be focused on being inclusive and capital efficient, with a more diversified ecosystem.


👉 This system powers the PRIME staking and delegation mechanisms, and by staking PRIME tokens, users will be able to use features like PRIME insurance, PRIME Liquid Allocations (where investors can lend out staked PRIME to earn interest, which also gives other investors access to IDOs), PRIME Smart Tiers tools and more.


👉 PRIME stakers will also have voting rights in SolanaPrime DAO governance and there will be a Tokenised Index Pool that contains a basket of all the tokens that have been launched on the SolanaPrime platform, giving the SolanaPrime community access to a less risky portfolio token.


SolanaPrime Tokenomics

SolanaPrime Tokenomics


👉 The SolanaPrime ecosystem will have 2 tokens that work together to give investors access to IDOs, enable staking, and to gain exposure to all projects on the platform:

➡️️​ PRIME, which is a deflationary token that will have a maximum supply of 100 million tokens and is the fuel that powers the staking mechanism on SolanaPrime and gives users access to all features on the SolanaPrime platform; and

➡️️​ SPIX, which is a unique index token that rewards users for staking PRIME and essentially gives investors exposure to all the projects that launch on SolanaPrime by giving them a stake in the token asset basket that contains tokens of all the projects that have been successfully incubated and launched on SolanaPrime.


👉 Not only will the tokenomics on SolanaPrime offer more scalability than all other IDO launchpads, but these tokens add an entirely new level of utility to the SolanaPrime ecosystem.


👉 SPIX give investors an opportunity to benefit from IDOs without actually participating in them (simply by holding SPIX).


👉 PRIME can be staked (to earn interest) and SPIX and to unlock more features on the platform).


👉 It can also be borrowed by investors, which makes it much easier for anyone to participate in funding rounds.


SolanaPrime Investors

solaPrime Partners


👉 (VCs) SolanaPrime is backed by several Venture Capital firms, including:


👉 Pluto Digital, Sheesha Finance, Faculty Group, Contango Digital Assets, Influx Group, Llamas Ventures, Nodeseeds, ZBS Capital, Stratosphere, (Mr. Kenji Sasaki's / Cardano Co-Founder VC), Longterm Ventures and AltcoinBuzz.


👉 As well as highly-respected, private investors or “Angels”: Sygnum Bank founding members, Joeri van Geelen, Darren Camas and several others.


What we like about SolanaPrime

👉 The team behind SolanaPrime has been in the IDO industry for many years and they are determined to deliver a launchpad that is efficient, scalable and accessible.


👉 Over the course of the year, the insurance mechanism will be enabled, the DAO will be activated, indices and pools will be introduced and the tokenomics will be fully functional.


👉 What we like most about this platform is its innovative tokenomics and the fact that investors are protected by insurance funds.


👉 SolanaPrime wants to encourage global participation in project funding and make sure that no investor or project enthusiast feels excluded.